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The Life Bolt

The Life Bolt

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Keeping Our Children and Teachers Safe in the School Classroom 

What is the Life Bolt?

The Life Bolt is an emergency lock down device that can be used in schools, offices or public places for protection from intruders. The product can ideally be used in schools to protect students and teachers from people who intend to do harm and pose a serious threat. When put into action, the Life Bolt provides the ultimate security . The device can only be used from inside the room, creating a barrier  in the event of a lockdown. 

How Does It Work? 

A specially designed receiver is installed on the inside of the door and the bolt is kept in a safe location nearby. When a threatening situation is underway, that is, an intruder has managed to force himself into the school, a lockdown is performed wherein the teacher finds the bolt and places it securely in the receivers. The barricade device then serves as a secure barrier against anybody seeking to gain entry into the classroom. The students and teacher are safe against the threat until help can arrive. 

How Fast Is It?

All you have to do to activate the barricade device is close the door and drop the bolt in place. It's very easy. When the threat is no longer present, the bolt can be opened just as quickly. Simply remove the specially designed bolt and open the door. When you need to be assured that you will be safe in a dangerous situation, trust the Life Bolt – it's the emergency lock down device of choice for security you can trust. 

To order a Life Bolt or ask questions about the product, contact Armor Solutions at 860-961-5782  Bill Letson , e-mail bbc357@gmail.com or 203-943-1559 Jim Chandler  , e-mail  jchandler@armorsolutions.llc.us